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Individual & Family Plans 

  • PPO

  • HMO

  • HSA

  • Private & Marketplace

Which coverage is right for you?

The Most Comprehensive Coverage

All Plans include the 10 Essential Benefits


If you are looking for the most comprehensive coverage to include: Pre-existing Conditions, Prescription Drugs, Maternity, Preventive Care and Mental/Nervous, this is it. 

Qualifying for Premium Subsidies may greatly reduce your monthly rates on the Market Place. 

Basic Nationwide PPO Plans 

Guaranteed Renewable up to 3 years! 

If you are generally healthy, and don't need or want the most comprehensive coverage, these plans can be a very good and much lower cost option to consider. 

These are "Private" medically underwritten insurance policies that are not offered on the government Market Place.

Works well with Concierge & Naturopathic Dr.'s 



Open Access HMO - No PCP/Referrals Required


Open Access HMO - No PCP/Referrals Required


PCP/Referral HMO - (Health Choice HMO)

Open Access HMO (Focus & Neighborhood Network)

Statewide PPO

Cigna of 

Open Access HMO - No PCP/Referrals Required


Open Access HMO - No PCP/Referrals Required


Open Access HMO - No PCP/Referrals Required

United Healthcare

PCP/Referral HMO 

STM Anchor

Short Term Medical Plans

These Basic PPO plans are often less than 50% the full cost of ACA/Obamacare plans.


This is largely because:

  • They do not cover Pre-existing Conditions*, Maternity, Preventive Care, or Retail Prescriptions.                                     * Pre existing limitations expire once policy renews into second year

  • These plans are medically underwritten (see Eligibility Questions to qualify)

  • They offer more limited coverage than ACA compliant plans.  

A good option for generally healthy people looking for a more Basic PPO health plan.

(Please review Brochures for both Benefits and Limitations)

Allstate Health Solutions

Short Term Medical Plans 

For coverage up to 3 years! *

*1 day less than a full 3 years

  • Uses the Nationwide Aetna PPO network

  • $50 Copay plus coinsurance for Urgent Care

  • Free Unlimited Telemedicine Benefit

  • Coverage period maximum of $1 Million on Enhanced PPO 

  • (Eligible Expenses for Pre-Existing conditions are covered

       after 12 months on the plan) 


Note - If Short Term Coverage makes sense for you now, but later you wish to switch to ACA/Obamacare, we can change your coverage during the next upcoming Open Enrollment, but not before.  

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