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Information is not knowledge.

The only source of knowledge is experience.

You need experience to gain wisdom. 

Albert Einstein
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Michael Malasnik

Call my office: 623-535-8299

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TTY 771 

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30+ Years of Diverse Experience

Commercial Insurance ~ State and Federal Government ~ Public and Private Healthcare Systems 


Commercial Insurance 

State and Federal Government

  • Administered an AHCCCS Group Plan for Small Business Owners

  • Strategic Partner for Meritus Health Cooperative

  • Leadership Role for CMS PCIP Outreach Coalition in AZ

  • Member of CMS ACA Outreach Coalition in AZ

  • Member of AZ State DOI Health Exchange Stakeholder Group

  • Member of Greater Phoenix Chamber Healthcare Policy Committee


Public and Private Healthcare Systems

  • Member of AZ Public Health Association

  • Collaborate with AZ Association of Community Health Centers

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