Individual & Family Plans

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now being accepted. 

All Plans include the 10 Essential Benefits


If you are looking for the most comprehensive coverage to include: Pre-existing Conditions, Prescription Drugs, Maternity, Preventive Care and Mental/Nervous, this is it. 

Now offering coverage up to 3 years!

New and more comprehensive plan options

If you are generally healthy, and don't need or want the most comprehensive coverage, these plans can be a very good and much lowest cost option to consider. 


Short Term Medical Plans

Are NOT ACA Compliant - Learn more here

These basic plans are often less than 50% the cost of ACA/Obamacare plans.


This is largely because:

  • They do not cover Pre-existing Conditions, Maternity, Preventive Care, or Retail Prescriptions.*

                               (*Limited generic drug coverage and preventive services only available on select new plans)

  • These plans are medically underwritten (see Eligibility Questions to qualify)

  • They offer more limited coverage than ACA compliant plans.  

A good option for generally healthy people looking for a more basic health plan.

Please review Brochures for both Benefits and Limitations

National General Insurance

Now offering coverage up to 3 years! *

*1 day less than a full 3 years

  • Choose from Traditional or NEW Enhanced PPO Copay Plans

  • Their new PPO plans use the Nationwide Aetna PPO

  • $50 Copay plus coinsurance for Urgent Care

  • Free Unlimited Telemedicine Benefit

  • Coverage Limits up to $5 million of coverage per term


United Healthcare

Now offering coverage up to 3 years!*

*1 day less than a full 3 years.

More Comprehensive Benefit Options to include:

  • Uses their Nationwide Choice PPO network

  • Preventive Care (certain restrictions apply)

  • Dr. and Urgent Care Copays - available

  • Limited Generic Rx coverage - available

  • Coverage limits up to $2 million per term



Short Term Policies - For coverage between 30 and 364 days. 

  • Uses their Nationwide Choice PPO network

  • $75 copay for Urgent Care

  • Coverage limits up to $2 million per term

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