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Help enrolling in Part D

For current clients only - Please do NOT share

I am so sorry things have come to this!  While down, I am not out, and this is my effort to help you this Open Enrollment in the best way I reasonably can. As always I remain loyal and committed to you, but need to do things differently this year.

Bottom Line - I will not be able to discuss any new 2023 Part D or Advantage Plans.

Due to massive new rules and regulations requiring me to record all calls for Part D Prescription and Medicare Advantage, then storing them HIPAA Compliantly for 10 years for review, I am regrettably unable to personally assist with this Open Enrollment for 2023 Part D Prescription Plans like in years past. Towards the bottom is more information on what is really going on. A must read! 

Please use my easy to follow instructions to shop your Part D plan quickly, easily and accurately below. 

See if you can just let your plan renew

Before you do anything, see if you don't have to!

Look for your Annual Notice of Change letter that you received late September. It will be in an envelope from your current Part D plan provider and clearly state Annual Notice of Change. 

If "the dog ate it", you can call your member services phone number or go online to your member portal if you created one to get it. 

It will show you what you paid last year and what they expect you to pay next year. If it looks ok to you then simply let it renew! Many popular plans actually lowered premiums and improved their coverage for next year. Good news! - But if you are now on new expensive name brand drugs, it is probably best to shop plans. 

If you are not comfortable doing this on your own online -  Please call 1-800 Medicare for assistance shopping and enrolling over the phone 24/7. 

If you do call, please let them know how you feel about their new rules and regulations... '-)

It is best if you either log into, or create an account on This allows them to download all your current prescriptions, pharmacies into the Part D shopping area for you.


They will show your current plan and the new plans you may choose from for next year.

If you do not create an account as recommended above, then you will need to manually enter all your drugs and pharmacies like I have always done for you. 

Keep it Simple & The Bottom Line

1 - Once you are looking at the new plans. Sort them by - "Lowest Drug + premium cost".

Look at the "Yearly Drug & Premium Cost" totals. Plans should appear from lowest to highest. 

2 - Look at the top three lowest total cost plans and pick one!

Then enroll. Simple!

Do NOT get hung up on which plans have deductibles, or worry about donut holes or anything else for that matter.  You only have 2 costs - The Plan Premium + What you Pay the Pharmacy or mail order. Bottom Line!


I just spoke with a good buddy at the Area Agency on Aging, and he said you may also call a Volunteer Counselor in their Benefits Assistance Program (SHIP) for help by phone at 602-280-1059. 

If you are considering calling 1-800-Medicare, I might suggest this as a better option for help by phone. The quality of assistance (in my opinion) will be better, and there are no long hold times.


FYI - As you can imagine, they are also experiencing increased calls and return call time due to these new rules. So please be understanding. 

What is going on? Why...

Please read the below letter from the National Association of Health Underwriters (Agents & Brokers) to CMS/Medicare regarding the impacts their new rules will have on both Agents & Brokers as well as you the Medicare Beneficiary. (Direct impacts on you are highlighted)

We tried hard to convince them to delay these new rules and regulations until they could be made more workable and lessen the "unintended consequences". They did not respond favorably...

In closing

I hope you understand I truly enjoy hearing from you every Open Enrollment and chatting to catch up. So this is very difficult for me.  

I wish you and your family all the best in these very "Interesting Times".  


Take care, and keep in touch! 


Medicare Disclaimer: “We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.”

How to Shop New Plans this Open Enrollment

Call 1-800 Medicare or go to


My Secret Sauce for Picking a Plan

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